Carrie deVore, Founder & teacher- trainer:

Senior certified Pilates instructor fell in love with Pilates in 1993 which quickly led to becoming a certified instructor in both classical (Jennifer Kries, The Method) out of New York and later in contemporary (Stott Pilates.)

SInce opening her studio in 2003, she added Pre/ postnatal and Ballet Barre to her certified repertoire.

She has had the pleasure of training and taking care of a vast variety of people varying from youths to the elderly; those who choose to sustain and improve physical fitness to someone wanting to get into shape for the first time. She works respectfully with clients living with past and present physical injuries.

She believes in kind, caring instruction, but also loves to challenge when the challenge is appropriate. She believes in working smaller and deeper, which is smarter to become stronger.

Therefore, C...PILATES  C...RESULTS!


Julie A. Snider

Julie is certified as a level one Stott Pilates instructor and Xtend Ballet Barre Instructor. She has been training at C...Pilates since 2007 and enjoys working with clients of all levels and skills. Julie likes to challenge her clients but, also encourages all of her clients to honor their bodies and the movement capable of their bodies  each training session. Her greatest satisfaction comes from clients that not only accomplish their goals, but those who surpass the goals they set for themselves and gain a quality of life they thought not possible. Julie enjoys running, biking, and skiing to keep herself fit. Pilates, and more importantly the principles, have become an integral part of her life and how she moves through her life. Julie loves to be the teacher of Pilates, but loves to be the student too. She appreciates each and every client and the opportunities the provide her to learn and better herself as an instructor.